One on One Training

Queen City Canine offers practical and effective training options and solutions for dog owners in Charlotte and the greater Charlotte area at North Carolina.  With over 16 years of experience and expertise in handling numerous dog breeds of all ages, we are your partners in establishing the right kind of command and coaching so your beloved canine stays happy, healthy and well-mannered.

Through our One-on-One training program, we will teach your dogs the most basic commands like sit, heel, come and stay. Basic commands are very important because they prepare your dogs for more advanced stages of the whole training process. Likewise, it will also help establish you as the alpha, so your dog will obediently follow and listen to you at all times. During this level of training, our professional crew will provide an environment free from distractions and very conducive to learning. We will coordinate with you and your dog to make sure that your furry family member transforms into a highly commendable and reliable pet.

Other basic instructions we can assimilate include leash training, controlling the environment in terms of providing food, praise and toys to your dog, hand signals as well as additional training tips which you can apply on your own at home. Over time, even the dog owners will benefit greatly from our training program. For instance, you will learn how to generate a good strategy to correct certain concerns regarding your pet’s behavior. You will also be able to comprehend the importance of allotting time to bond with your dog, and the effect of properly keeping your pet’s food and toys.

Feel free to visit our office now or contact us at (704)-433-6046 so we can arrange the most suitable training program for you and your dog’s daily routine.

Group Training

Queen City Canine’s Group Training Program for your dogs will help them socialize better with fellow canines. When your dear pet becomes exposed to other dogs, sometimes it can be really hard for them to fit into a new kind of environment. The stress may even cause your dog to behave differently and become more difficult to discipline.

Dogs will typically fight over food, attention and objects like toys, and we can help you efficiently address these instances by training your dogs to practice cohesion among the pack and coordinate with fellow canines to accomplish a task. We keep the learning atmosphere fun and stimulating so your dogs will actively participate and enjoy better the company of their newfound friends. At the beginning of each session, we will make sure that the dogs under our care are well-acquainted with each other. Also, our professional trainers design activities and exercises that will assess and respond excellently to a specific area in your dog’s behavior, and at the same time teach them how to handle real-life situations where their assistance is a huge necessity. You can also take this as an opportunity to meet other dog owners and exchange tips in creating house rules for your adorable pets.

At the end of the program, there will be a remarkable development in the relationship between dogs and their owners, as well as a sure boost in the dogs’ obedience and teamwork. Avail our services now so you can keep your pet happy and stress-free!