Let your dog enjoy their day while you’re at work or running errands!
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Let your dog enjoy their day while you’re at work or running errands!

Your Dog’s Home Away From Home

It's Playtime!

Transform your dog’s day from ordinary to extraordinary! Whether you’re off to work or enjoying a Friday morning beach outing, let your four-legged friends bask in the excitement at Queen City Canine. Our sprawling yards are a haven for your pup’s playful heart—filled with running, playing, and socializing galore. Bring home a happy, well-exercised, and delightfully tired pup, as they unwind after a day brimming with exercise, social connections, and limitless tail-wagging enjoyment!


What to Expect

Immerse your pooch in the ultimate play-all-day dog daycare paradise! Our clean and spacious haven is tailor-made for joy, with dedicated canine caregivers spreading love. Picture a facility with large indoor, outdoor, and combined play areas—perfect for all types of weather. Your pup is in for an energetic playdate, whether they prefer the indoors, outdoors, or the dynamic blend of both!

Extra fun and extra clean

Want to take your pup’s daycare or boarding experience to the next level? Take advantage of our optional add-ons.

All dogs participating must meet all requirements for daycare or boarding before scheduling, including passing a temperament test and being up to date on vaccinations.

Doggie Daycare Guidelines

In order to provide a fun and safe environment for all dogs and humans, we require all of our clients to comply with a few simple rules and regulations:

  • All dogs must pass an evaluation before staying with us.

  • All dogs must have records on file showing that they are up to date on Bordetella, DHLPP, and Rabies vaccines. We strongly recommend the Canine Influenza vaccine and getting regular fecal checks.

  • Per NC-DOA guidelines, all medication must come to us in its ORIGINAL PACKAGING. This includes joint supplements and probiotics!

  • Please leave bowls and leashes at home. We will use our own bowls and leashes while your dog stays with us.

  • All food must come in a RESEALABLE container. Plastics food bins or ziploc bags work great!

  • Our rooms come equipped with a cot and water bowl, but if you would like to bring additional bedding, blankets, or toys we will happily set these up in your dogs room!

Daycare Offerings

Whether it’s a full day at work, a half day at the beach, every day, or once a week – we have you covered with flexible options and packages.


  • Full Day: 5 or more hours
  • Half Day: Less than 5 hours


  • 10 Full Days
  • 20 Full Days
  • 10 Half Days
  • 20 Full Days


  • Treats
  • Bath
  • Nail Trim
  • Brushing

Daycare Hours







We’re so happy you’re considering us for your best friend’s needs! Before any dog can participate in training, daycare, or boarding they must pass an evaluation and have up-to-date vaccine records for Bordetella, Distemper, Rabies, and Influenza vaccines. You can upload you vaccine records and request an evaluation by CLICKING HERE TO CREATE A PROFILE

We require up-to-date vaccination records for Bordetella, Distemper, Rabies, and Influenza. These records must be uploaded through your profile and vaccination records must be current at the time of drop of for any dog to come into the facility.

All dogs over 1 year must be neutered/spayed for the safety of your dog, with no exceptions.

We welcome dogs of all ages and do our absolute best to keep them comfortable! We are always aware of each individual dog’s needs and pay attention to each of them carefully.

If your dog requires medications, we will administer them according to your instructions to the best of our ability.

We do require that all medication comes in its original packaging.

The two most important things to bring with your dog for boarding are food and medication. We require that food is in a resealable container, such as plastics bins or ziploc bags. We also require that medication comes in its original packaging. Please do not add medication to food, we can do that for you at the time of feeding if needed. If your dog does not have enough food, we can feed your dog our house food for $3 a bowl.

If you would like to bring in bedding and 1-2 toys with your dog for boarding, we will happily set these up in your dogs room.

An evaluation is how Queen City Canine will assess if your dog is a good fit for our facility. Our handlers will take the dog into a play yard and introduce them to a few dogs at the facility. We will assess how your dog does while meeting new dogs and interacting with them for 15-20 minutes. If the dog does well, they are encouraged to stay and play for a few hours (free of charge!) so that we can see them meet the rest of their play group.

We ask that owners plan to stay for 15-20 minutes during the evaluation. While the dog is being evaluated, owners are invited to take a tour of our facility and learn about our services.

We serve breakfast around 7 a.m. each morning after their first round of play time and we serve dinner at 4 p.m. If you are boarding two dogs together, we feed them separately unless you request otherwise. If your dog needs a slow-feeder, let us now at check in and we can provide one for you.

The dogs at Queen City Canine are on an alternating schedule of playtime and rest time. All dogs will go out to play in their respective groups at 8:00 am each day. They will play for an hour, then come in to rest for an hour, then play again for an hour, etc. They will continue this schedule until 6:00 pm.

During inclement weather (e.g. heavy rain, high temperatures, storms, etc.) we will rotate the dogs in our temperature controlled, indoor play area.

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