Dreaming of having an adorable and well-behaved dog can be exciting for every dog lover, and owning one can be a wonderful experience. But, having a pet dog takes a lot of attention and responsibility especially in terms of taking good care of your new best friend. As a dog owner, it is your duty to keep your pets healthy and happy. At the same time, training your dog to behave properly is also a task that requires your full commitment. There is a proper approach of teaching your dog and it takes years to understand the different techniques and systems that help shape your dog. This is where availing the assistance of skilled professionals is most effective.

At Queen City Canine, we have over 16 years of experience in dog training. About six years ago, our company was founded with the utmost knowledge, comprehension, and practical approach in training all types of dogs.  Our company’s mission is to improve the bond between dogs and their owners through instilling obedience, good behavior and responsiveness for a better connection with your lifetime best friend. The services that we offer are designed to cover all compliance needs to address specific behavioral challenges of your pet dog. Our animal-loving staff will teach your dog important skills like understanding and complying with house rules to make them cohabitate harmonically with you and other members of the family. We have a broad list of fun activities, including group classes, individual training and other outdoor exercises like dog walks which will help your pet socialize with other people and fellow canines. As a result, you get dramatic results during the first appointment and see a steady progress in your dog’s behavior and attitude.

If you want to be a better dog owner and give your beloved pets proper caring and all their needs, we recommend that you give us a call now at (704)-433-6046. We look forward to training every man’s best friend and coordinate with their owners in the most constructive and knowledgeable manner possible!


A Message from Our Owner, Alan Wooten

A family friend once told me that everyone should have a job they’d pay to do. I took that advice to heart, and realized I enjoyed spending quality time with dogs. So began my apprenticeship with an established trainer. We grew his small, successful business into an established company in the community.I attended training seminars, dog/disc competitions, and numerous canine events. Over the years I’ve worked with veterinarians and their staff educating them on how best to control and react to their canine patients.

As the lead trainer for a dog daycare, boarding, and training facility in Charlotte, it was my responsibility to evaluate the temperament of new dogs before they are accepted to the daycare program, and to train dogs and owners individually and in group class environments.


The Queen City Canine Training Philosophy

Socializing dogs is important, and has to be done properly. Each dog’s individual temperament and needs has to be considered. It takes years to really understand the different dynamics that go on with a group of dogs. Understanding that has helped shape my training methods.

If we want to understand and give our pets what they need, watch a healthy group of dogs together. We can see the rules dogs follow, and the structure a pack requires to function properly. A successful training program takes their rules into consideration. That’s what Queen City Canine training philosophy is all about!Contact Queen City Canine in Charlotte, North Carolina, for more information about our customized dog training services.